Who and how

Yakov Morris is the heart and soul of Natural Scents. He founded his business in Melbourne in 1992 before relocating to Kuranda in Far North Queensland in 1994.

Yakov first became passionate about Aromatherapy after experiencing the profound effects of the Essential Oil of Grapefruit whilst in his brother’s Aromatherapy Steam Tube. While working with his brother at a Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, Yakov met Ron Guba of Essential Therapeutics, a well-known and respected Natural Therapies company. And this is how Yakov learnt of Ron's Aromatherapy Certificate Course and decided to attend.

Yakov completed the course, loving every minute of it! He then quit his job at a robotics and automation company and went to work with Ron for two amazing years.

Journeying north in his Coaster Bus, his partner was attacked by sand-flies and was very distressed with the terrible itching they caused. He immediately set about formulating a cream that would hopefully help soothe her discomfort.

This product is our now well-known and trusted Tropical Relief Soothing Cream. Yakov truly believes his creation was Divinely Inspired. This was the birth of the unique product range that now makes up Natural Scents’ offering.

Yakov and Deb met in 2015. Deb contributes her creative and organisational abilities to the business side of things, while also caring for people in her community with her massage and other healing art forms.

What Yakov does

Yakov handcrafts our personal care products with love using quality, sustainable and ethically grown and processed ingredients. He also purchases a large range of essential oils, bottles and labels them in affordable quantities.

He makes our products in small batches to preserve the integrity of each ingredient to deliver the gifts of nature to you. Yakov aims to support you in your daily life with natural and clean personal care products.

We hope you enjoy using our genuine aromatherapy products as much as we enjoy making them.

Love and Light,
Deb and Yakov
Natural Scents Essential Oils are 100% PURE AND NATURAL.  Our Pure Essential Oils are genuine and true representatives of the plant from which they are derived.

We source all our Essential Oils from reputable, ethical and sustainable suppliers within Australia. They have been grown, harvested, processed and packed in accordance to internationally accepted procedures to preserve the unique signatures of the plants.

Some of our Essential Oils have been diluted 3% in Jojoba Oil to make them accessible.

Care guidelines
The very nature of Essential Oils means they are volatile and will evaporate easily.
To preserve your Essential Oil:
* Replace lids tightly after use; and
* Store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.
To care for yourself:
* Essential Oils are for external use only;
* Keep bottles out of reach of children; and
* Please read the notes on dilution below.

The information on this website offers general guidelines only and are not a substitute for medical advice.

Notes about dilution

Essential Oils are extremely concentrated and can also be potentially hazardous if misused. There is almost never a time where you would use an Essential Oil undiluted.
There is no one rule for dilution: all oils are different, and all people are different. Please research and take care when using Essential Oil.

Undiluted Essential Oils have the potential to irritate the skin. It is advisable to do a test patch prior to using an essential oil for the first time even after they have been diluted in a carrier oil or cream.

Our products have been specifically formulated for friends and family gifting positive results.

We lovingly handcraft our products in small batches with the finest ingredients to guarantee freshness.

Each item comes with a batch number and a best before date.

Our deodorants are for sale through many Health Food Stores around the country.

If you would like your local outlet to sell our products please let them know about us and our Wholesale website.

Orders shipped within 1 - 2 working days after payment.

Shipment prices are for delivery within Australia ONLY.

Tracking code will be emailed to you upon posting.

If we are having difficulties meeting this time frame we will contact you to let you know.

Please make sure your delivery address is correct before making payment to avoid your order showing up in someone else mailbox.

If you are shopping from outside of Australia please contact us for shipping cost.
With great respect I thank my teacher Ron Guba of Essential Therapeutics for his encouragement, friendship and training.

I thank my family and friends for their ongoing love and support.

I thank all my delightful customers who continue to inspire me on my journey in the world of aromatherapy and my partner Deb for her love, support, and encouragement, and for her time and energy in creating this website.